What is TONK
TONK is a range of concrete decorative wall cladding tiles from TONK Project. Made from light-weight precast concrete, the TONK range comes in an extensive array of textured designs that can be mixed and matched in an almost endless combination of patterns and colors limited only by your imagination.

Why use Tonk
The modular structure allows the design to be personalized using different patterns and varied angles. Personalization can be enhanced with inserts such as wood, brass, mirror or copper.

The tiles come in a multitude of colors to suit your architectural vision. We can produce Tonk products in any colors in the RAL Catalogue. We use two different techniques for that: pigment coloring and surface painting.

Your imagination is not fixed, so why should your space be? We can produce your designs in any colors, any shapes, and any dimensions as long as they are concrete.

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