Thomas Crapper

The Original Name in Bathrooms
Thomas Crapper & Co. are proud to present what might be termed our ‘new’ range of ‘old’ bathroom fittings. After more than eight years of intensive (and expensive) development and research, we offer a small yet extraordinarily authentic set of Victorian/Edwardian sanitaryware.
It would have been so very easy to surrender to the demands of current production methods and the desire to reduce costs, but we remained obstinate in our insistence upon historical accuracy.
Of course, modern methods and materials have been used where deemed appropriate, but only where they do not compromise the integrity of any piece. We view technology as our occasional slave, not our constant master.
There have been no changes of design for economy or ease of production. Such very small alterations that have been made are solely to allow connection to modern plumbing. Frankly, we small band of enthusiasts, who had the privilege of acquiring this grand old firm, would not be inclined to rise each morning only to manufacture ordinary reproductions!
Our refusal to compromise inevitably raises manufacturing challenges. Occasionally processes go awry, but we do not sell cheaper ‘seconds’. If a product fails to meet our standards, it is destroyed.
It will be obvious that this insistence upon authenticity and quality increases the cost of production. However if we may quote Sir Henry Royce, a contemporary of Thomas Crapper:
“The quality remains long after the price is forgotten.”

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