Perfect balance.
Challenge your senses. See beauty from new perspectives. Discover our outdoor kitchen that combines high-class materials with modern architecture, design and function. Find the perfect balance between people, objects, space, cooking, living, friends and family – and let life be the centerpiece.
A feeling, a style, and a meeting between timeless elegance and perfect comfort gave us one exclusive collection – and now the choice is yours. Create your own, choose each piece and put them together to suit your lifestyle, your dreams, your life. Welcome.
Our History
It all began when Anders Norgren, father to one of the founders, created Röshults’ first product, now called Fire Basket Original. The Idea for the fire basket arose at his little cottage in Röshult, Småland, a few miles south of Jönköping. There was such a strong connection of product and place that he named it Röshults fire basket. Our brand was born. The company was founded in 2007, and we are strengthening our position on the market worldwide year after year.
Design Philosophy
One concept, one design, one style. If you like our design you will find all products needed on the terraces in our product catalogue. From cooking area, dinner area, lounge area to pool area. All products have a strict, architectural, timeless design.
Products should always attract and work towards both the private consumer market and the contract & hospitality market. Most of the products comes assembled and ready to use. Quality and material selection comes before price.
Only the best materials on the market.

Ankara Showroom
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İstanbul Ofis
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