Olympia Ceramica

Olympia Ceramica started producing sanitary wares in 1979 and soon identified itself for the desire of creating modular solutions to satisfy all the different demands for the bathroom design.

Starting from this concept, Olympia shows in its catalogue a variety of elements for the bathrooms style: basins, wcs and furniture, focusing on the experience and passion analyzed during the years.

The handcrafted production of Olympia Ceramica guarantees high quality and attention to detail. The company reality is similar to a “boutique”, but with the mentality and international scope of a great factor, able to compete in the worldwide market.

The safety guaranteed by the well-organized production process is strictly linked with the knowledge, precision and creativity of the craftsmen, that are able to offer high-quality results on amazing and contemporary designs.

The attention and the diligence of the Olympia Ceramica experts made the company as a reference point in the worldwide sector. In fact, nowadays 70% of the production is being exported in 40 different countries.

Olympia Ceramica: creativity, culture and professionalism.

Ankara Showroom
Turan Güneş Bulvarı No: 59 / A Çankaya / Ankara
+90 312 443 00 75
+90 312 443 00 63
İstanbul Ofis
Yetkili: Nilüfer KANLIOĞLU
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