Kerasan is one of the most important sanitary ware producers in the district of Civita Castellana (VT). Founded in 1960, it specializes in the production of high-quality bathroom fixtures. Nowadays the company has an international market presence with bathroom collections which include furnishings, accessories and faucets. Kerasan has been producing high-quality products for over 50 years, not only because they want to respond to the demands of the market, but also because they have a passion for producing high-quality sanitary ware which appreciated all over the world. Their passion increases day by day and it is a source of pride for every single person who is a part of this important organisation.

This is the mindset that led the company in the past and that will lead it tomorrow. In a modern industrial complex that is spread over about 14,000 square meters, Kerasan performs every stage of the manufacturing process on its premises: from designing bathroom fixtures, to realising the design and finally, production. Thanks to a facility with a production capacity of up to 1000 pieces of sanitary ware per day and an advanced modelling department, in which cutting-edge software are used to reduce time and make the development of the prototype and the mould easier, Kerasan satisfies all the needs of the customer.

Ankara Showroom
Turan Güneş Bulvarı No: 59 / A Çankaya / Ankara
+90 312 443 00 75
+90 312 443 00 63
İstanbul Ofis
Yetkili: Nilüfer KANLIOĞLU
+90 534 030 09 07